Working with wonderful artist, Michelle Wren, the group of 7 – 14 year olds have been creating artwork that represents important issues that they feel are present in society.

Through group discussions and one to one sessions the participants were able to explore some important and complex themes. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for the young people to explore societal issues which were really prominent during the pandemic, but didn’t quite get the full attention they deserved due to Covid-19, such as The Black Lives Matter Movement, Gender Identity, Mental Health & Wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen a blur of world events, news items and information, so this project has really helped us to look back on those important issues and give them the focus and attention they deserve.

As part of the project, the group also spent time with bus drivers and passengers uncovering their stories and experiences of working and travelling on buses in St Helens. Using these stories and the topics explored through their artwork, the participants have devised a wonderful performance combining powerful monologues and spoken word, with short sketches based on their research.

You can also download the anthology of The Bus Monologues here


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