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A picture of Luna Love Library Day production featuring Luna stood tall on a desk with arms out and singing and her mother sitting at the desk playing the piano.

























From theatres to libraries, rural village halls to green fields, and everywhere in between, it is our mission to ignite the imaginations of children aged 0 – 13 years old and their families through the wonder of live performances.


We seek work that is high quality and diverse. It is important that our shows reflect and represent the diverse communities that we serve so that children recognise themselves on stage. We programme many art forms too; such as dance, music, and digital installations.


Our aim is to empower young people to feel that art, culture and theatre is for them – as audiences, participants and potentially future artists and theatre makers.


We at Big Imaginations are always interested in hearing about any shows that are currently touring or looking to tour. Although we cannot guarantee that shows will be programmed by our network members, we are still keen to hear about shows. With this in mind, we have (below) our Big Imaginations Key Touring Information (KTI) form that we ask companies to fill in, in order to have any show considered by the network. Alongside this form, please be aware that we also need to see any work you’re putting forward in order for us to be able to consider it. You can either send us a video recording of the whole show or feel free to invite us to any performance.


As previously mentioned we cannot promise that any of our members will be able to programme your work, even after completing the form and one (or more) of our network members seeing the show. However, we encourage you to get in touch and send over as much information as possible.

You can send completed KTI forms and show recording/show invites to 


Key Touring Information Template


Big Imaginations Key Touring Information Form