Grandad Anansi is a very special piece for Big Imaginations, as we’ve been waiting to get it on the road for over 5 years!

Have a look at what some people have been saying about it!

Grandad Anansi Reviews


★★★★ “Elayne Ogbeta’s warm, pleasing and thoughtful show…manages to pack in more layers than a good strudel…. Storytelling, and its extraordinary power, is at the centre of the piece.”



“A colourful, amazing production”

The Guardian


Grandad Audience Feedback


“This is a terrific play…a really heart-warming, filled with sunshine story. Treat yourself and the family to a great night out.”
Audience member


“We laughed, we danced, we even shed a tear! Thank you for retelling such a wonderful story with such talent.”

Audience member


“A story with multiple perspectives always beats one. Teaching parenting with coping with loss. Very well done and very well acted. Thanks.”

Audience member


“Beautiful story that captured Anansi and explores heritage and loss. Thank you!”

Audience member


“Thoroughly enjoyed it. The story provoked deep emotions from my 8-year-old son, he shed a tear.”

Audience member


“The story, actors and set were all fantastic. My daughter enjoyed learning about a different culture.”

Audience member