Move Manchester

Ayesha Fazal and Jack Hilton


About the Company:

Founded in July 2022, Move Manchester is an innovative North West and Greater Manchester Dance Theatre company, led by co-founders Jack Hilton (they/he) and Ayesha Fazal (she/her).


We proudly identify as a queer, ethnic majority, non-binary, South Asian, and neurodivergent led company. Our mission at Move Manchester is to create captivating works that challenge societal norms, promote diversity, and inspire lasting change within the performing arts landscape.


Our unique movement style combines elements of Release, Gaga, Floor-work, Latin/Ballroom, Capoeira, Classical Indian, Physical theatre, & Yoga culminating in a dynamic explosion of culture, cross genre movement and unique storytelling. In addition to our stage performances, we curate shows for various indoor, outdoor, and public spaces. We believe in taking our art beyond traditional venues and making it accessible to broader audiences, challenging the boundaries of contemporary dance and reimagining the relationship between art and public spaces.


About the Show:

For the Arts Imagination Fund, we are thrilled to present our upcoming production, “Lilo Lost It!” This interactive contemporary dance performance is specifically designed for children of all backgrounds, aiming to explore, acknowledge, and celebrate the unique experiences of being of mixed heritage in a society primarily dominated by singular heritage norms. Our inspiration comes from the real-life stories and perspectives of individuals, including our diverse team of talented artists based in the North West.

“Lilo Lost It!” is a solo dance performance that follows the extraordinary journey of our central character, Lilo. Lilo embarks on a quest of self-discovery, seeking solace and confidence in their own identity despite the challenges and isolation that can arise from not fitting into society’s preconceived notion of heritage. Through vibrant music, dynamic movement, an immersive set, a compelling narrative, and a friendly guiding character voiceover (akin to the beloved Dora the Explorer!), Lilo will be accompanied on their adventure by the audience as they climb mountains, ride tuk-tuks, sail boats, and, most importantly, find themselves. Because, in the end, Lilo will discover that what they believed to be lost was within them all along.