Artist Spotlight: Filament Projects

Filament Projects is a female-led Cheshire-based theatre company producing wondrous and thoughtful projects with & for children. Our work is shaped by our four core values: Collaboration, Wonder, Care and Learning. 

They will be using the funding to research their next project, PLANT (working title), an interactive performance for EYFS children. PLANT will celebrate difference through inviting children to look after a Wes Anderson-esk plant hospital.
They will spend time in schools playing, creating and talking with young children – helping them to better understand their needs (especially in light of the pandemic and its impact on this particular age group’s development) and how they might creatively respond to them. It will give them valuable time to work with a designer and explore their dream of PLANT having a live/green set as we start to embed the Theatre Green Book into their practice. 

“Filament Projects are thrilled to be part of this exciting cohort of artists. Despite the uncertain times we are all living in, Z-arts and the Big Imaginations partners continue to support and invest in independent artists and small organisations. We really value this support. It will help us kickstart our next project for early years children, a group whose learning and development was severely impacted by the pandemic.”