Artist Imagination Fund

Big Imaginations is super excited to announce the newest cohort of Big Imaginations: Artist Imagination Fund-supported artists. This cohort of incredibly talented artists will be working with Big Imaginations partners over the next 18 months (September 2023 – March 2025) to help develop their creative practice and their proposed projects.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the successful applicants:


Top Left: Ayesha Fazal (Move Manchester), Top Right: Alicia McKenzie, Bottom Left: Gemma Bond, Bottom Right: Josh Hawkins and Natalie Morrell (Hawk Dance Theatre & The Knotted Project)



Their Projects:


Ayesha Fazal (Move Manchester):
“Lilo Lost It” – An interactive contemporary dance performance, specifically designed for children.


Alicia McKenzie:
Alicia’s Amazing Adventure to find the First Black Britons” – An interactive, theatrical storytelling that traverses time and space, bringing bold historical characters to life.


Gemma Bond:
“Pirate Princess” – A story of hope against adversity inspired by strong and inventive women of history.


Josh Hawkins and Natalie Morrell (Hawk Dance Theatre & The Knotted Project):
“The Greatest Robot Ever” – An interactive dance theatre show, perfect for children 3-10 years and their grownups.