2020/2021 – One Tenth Human /Curious Investigators

One Tenth Human were commissioned for two brand new shows for 4-7-year-olds.

The Digital Show:

Curious Investigators is delivered via Zoom, directly into homes, schools and libraries. Children meet “Investigator Toni”, who’s exploring the world around her. The show is in two parts, including time away from the screen for children to create their own inventions inspired by their time with Toni. Trailer

The Live Show:

Scribble and Clipboard have a job to do: sort the recycling. But Scribble keeps finding new things to investigate. When she discovers a mysterious egg hidden in the rubbish, the pair need the audience’s help to rescue an unborn chick. Can we save the precious egg from a smashing? And what will we discover along the way? Trailer

“Wonderfully engaging! Had the adults laughing like children!” – Audience feedback, Just So Festival

2019 – The Stitch Brothers Patchwork Wonders 


Jason Singh, Arun Ghosh and Fabric Lenny were supported to make a genre-busting mix of live beat boxing, images, surround sound, words, electronica, jazz, hip-hop and South Asian classical/folk music for 5–8-year-olds and their families. 


Combining music, theatre, and spoken word, this was a playful and immersive experience, inspired by nature, and the world around us.

2019 – Stripey Honey…is very yummy 


Stripey honey… is very yummy is a Big Imaginations commission, written by Sayan Kent from a concept by Trina Haldar. 


Mashi has brought to life a new play for young audiences, with tales of adventure and fun and with music by award-winning composer Arun Ghosh, song, dance and puppetry. The story explores the lives of some of our most precious but endangered species, who unite to save their homes. 


Mashi Theatre is known for sharing universal stories with a playfulness and colourful exploration evocative of Asian culture. 


2017 – You, me and I /Child of the Divide/Adrift  


Following the success of commissions 1 and 2, Big Imaginations’ commission 3 sought a theatre maker to create a brilliant piece of theatre to engage families with children aged 8 – 13 years. The piece would ideally need to be performed across the range of spaces the Big Imaginations network supports.  Big Imaginations Commission 3 has commissioned the R&D of two shows for children aged 8+ that speak to today’s audiences and are reflective of the society we live in. As part of Commission 3, Big Imaginations also co-commissioned Bhuchar Boulevard’s Child of the Divide in partnership with Partition History Project and Polka Theatre.  

2016 – Sponge 


Roll, squeeze and pop yourself through the squishiest, squashiest show for babies, young children and their grown-ups! 


Sponge is a soft, bouncy adventure through playtime and dreamtime set to a funky 1970s soundtrack, including disco favourites The Hustle and Car Wash. Follow a dad and daughter as they take you on a journey through springy environments, fascinating in shape, texture and touch. You also get to meet the leggy character Splegs, who needs a bit of help walking. 


To date Sponge has performed 161 times across 50 venues to 8487 people. 



2015 – The Adventures of Pom  


Yellow petals, singing birds, soft grass beneath your feet; Welcome to Spring. And here is POM: climber of trees, chaser of butterflies. Her lovely cheeky face makes her mum so happy and all is good. But what’s this door in the lush green grass? The deep dark open door…you don’t want to go in there do you? 


Leading early years story-teller and performance artist Ruthie Boycott-Garnett has been commissioned by Big Imaginations to create a visual and sensory exploration of the Greek Myth Persephone, with music, moving images and puppetry that will inspire and delight children from weeks old, to full grown adults.