The Artists Imagination Fund pot of £3000 per year is split to support a number of artists at early stages of developing a show.  This scheme also comes with creative support, mentoring and other resources.  

We’d like to introduce you the 2022 – 2023 cohort!

Teatro Pomodoro 

Supported by Unity Theatre and Theatre Porto

Through a collaboration with Theatre Porto, they recently started working on their first family-friendly co-production. They will be using this funding and the support of the Unity Theatre to extend the collaboration with Theatre Porto’s director Nina Hajiyianni to adapt their show ‘Sirens, Men and Crabs’ for an audience of children.

In this way, they can expand their audience reach and offer to venues in the North, and beyond, a package with two different versions of the show that can be programmed in two different times during the day, using the same set and making it more financially viable for touring and for programming.  

Chad Taylor 

Supported by Z-arts and Wonder Arts 

In 2022 he created short film called ‘When I Hear Music’, a hip-hop dance film production using animation that explores the emotional rollercoaster that young people experience during their first day at high school. 

This funding will help transform When I Hear Music into a site specific, promenade piece of hip hop dance telling a story across different rooms and spaces in a school.

‘I am extremely grateful and happy to be receiving this funding as it will help me to fully explore the pre production phase of When I Hear Music and help explore on a wider scope for the piece of work that would not have happened without this funding.’  

Sarah Richardson – Filament Projects CIC 

Supported by The Dukes 

They will be using the funding to research their next project, PLANT (working title), an interactive performance for EYFS children. PLANT will celebrate difference through inviting children to look after a Wes Anderson-esk plant hospital.
They will spend time in schools playing, creating and talking with young children – helping them to better understand their needs (especially in light of the pandemic and its impact on this particular age group’s development) and how they might creatively respond to them. It will give them valuable time to work with a designer and explore their dream of PLANT having a live/green set as we start to embed the Theatre Green Book into their practice. 

“Filament Projects are thrilled to be part of this exciting cohort of artists. Despite the uncertain times we are all living in, Z-arts and the Big Imaginations partners continue to support and invest in independent artists and small organisations. We really value this support. It will help us kickstart our next project for early years children, a group whose learning and development was severely impacted by the pandemic.” 

Eggs Collective

Supported by Wonder Arts 

Currently in an ACE funded R&D period for their first full length show for families. The project centres around getting ready for a party, and is supported by Z-Arts, Wonder Arts, Heart of Glass and Slunglow. As with all their live work, the show will mix pop culture references, a DIY aesthetic, devising, writing and music. They want it to have all the anarchy and fun of alt-cabaret, with interactive “extra live” moments that invite the audience in.   

They will be using the funding from Big Imaginations to contribute to the development of this new project from R&D stage to getting ready for a national tour which includes excellent wrap-around activity.  


Art with Heart

Supported by The Dukes and Spot On Lancashire

Art with Heart is an award-winning Salford based arts company that designs and delivers performances, workshops and people-led creative projects for community groups, arts organisations and schools across the UK.  

They will be developing a new environmental project in collaboration with Lancashire Wildlife Trust youth groups looking at the duality and importance of being in nature and taking care of our environment.


Ria Meera Munshi

Supported by Z-arts and Oldham Libraries

With this funding, her fresh concept entitled “The Magic Stick”, inspired by the traditional Indian Folk tale of “The Drum”, will be adapted as a dance theatre piece for a modern audience. A tale of karma, detachment and kindness.

“I am simply overjoyed to have received the Artist Imagination Fund for my new concept, entitled The Magic Stick. This support is integral for the development of both myself, as an artist, the company, Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, and for the development of the storyline for this Indian-inspired children’s theatre production”