Alicia’s Amazing Adventure to find the first Black Britons


About the Project:




Alicia’s Amazing Adventure to find the first Black Britons is an interactive, theatrical storytelling that traverses time and space bringing bold historical characters from the Black British diaspora to life in a way never been seen before. From 1970s Manchester to 1880s Darlington and then the time ship just keeps on going.


In this second R&D to create this exciting new show, the focus will be on two key elements: the audience; and the design. We want to explore the impact of the show on the target audience and develop the interactive elements. We will also look at how the themes of the piece can be incorporated into the set and costume design and support the flow of the storytelling.


Following the R&D attention turns towards organising a fully rehearsed and designed tour in Autumn 2024.



About the Artist:


Alicia Mckenzie is an experienced, actor, facilitator and theatre-maker from Manchester (via Darlington); focused on creating highly imaginative work that excites & inspires young people globally. She has over 30 professional theatre credits and worked for 7 children’s theatre companies in the UK, USA & Europe, appearing in 11 family shows for National Theatre, RSC, Octagon & Pitlochry. She is also a Board Member for leading children’s theatre org. Assitej UK. Although she has taught and directed shows with children and young people in the past, this will be Alicia’s first production as lead artist.