The Gingerbread Man

Age range

Run time
60 minutes (interval)

Imagine being born in an oven and the first person you meet wants to dunk you in his tea! 

Come and see the adventure of the deliciously smelling GINGERBREAD MAN and meet the bravest biscuit of all times! 

Stuff and Nonsense apply their usual brilliance with a mix of puppetry, live action, great music, humour and a stunning staging of this well-loved classic tale. 

Suitable for 3+ – no scary bits – just don’t turn up hungry!  

Now run, run, as fast as you can, you need to get tickets to catch this Gingerbread Man! 

Created with public funding from Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, support from The Berry Theatre, Hedge End & The Point Eastleigh, with additional support from Salisbury Playhouse and further support from Lighthouse Poole in 2020. 

Director Niki McCretton

Assistant Director Ed Trotter 

Puppetry Holly Miller 

Performers Jake England-Johns and Hobbit 

Composer Matt Huxley 

Lyricist Toby Gascoigne 

Design & Set Build James Lewis, Tin Shed    Scenery 

Costume Rebecca Lewis 

Lighting Design Ollie Titterington 

The 11am & 2pm shows on Sat 19 Feb will be socially distanced.

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