Mmm Ahh Whoosh

Age range
0-5 years

Run time
40 minutes (no interval)

A brand-new gig for 0–5-year olds which will immerse you in a swirlingworld of colour and
take you on a musical journey through afro-centric soulful folk, jazz and scat.

Inspired by our first breaths, hums and gurgles, combining music and animation to celebrate
the wondrous world of the language of children.

Mellow Baku has performed across the UK and around the world for over a decade. She is
a unique and charismatic live performer. Her cultural heritage influences the fusing of soul,
folk and jazz improvisation.

Join Mellow and discover the sounds of the song from Mmm to Ahh to Whoosh!

This show will be socially distanced.

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