Tales of Birbal

Photo credit: Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini

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Ages 6+ and their grown-ups

Running Time: 50 minutes

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Presented by Mashi Theatre

Timeless and treasured fables from the Indian sub-continent

Step into the enchanting world of the Moghul King Akbar and his witty advisor, the legendary Birbal…Mashi and Bhanji are travelling

story-tellers, living hand-to- mouth with just a wooden cart, trinkets they have collected on their travels, and a family of mischievous crows for company.


one day for lunch, they recreate mythical tales of the great King Akbar and his wise companion, Birbal. How can a man survive a night in a fr

eezing lake? How many crows are there in a kingdom? Only Birbal knows!

Using humour, puppetry, music and the occasional fake beard, Mashi and Bhanji bring to vivid life these famous tales that have been treasured for generations.

“Wonderful, imaginative, funny and gentle. Lovely singing and music – sensitive to such a range of needs” – Jo Willis and daughter at The Egg, Bath

“Whether familiar with these stories or experiencing them for the first time, Trina Haldar’s production is joyful, colourful, vibrant and funny.” – Children’s Theatre Reviews

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Programme Guidelines

We have introduced programme guidelines to help you judge which bits of the programme will help your family to have the very best experiences. These guidelines might be especially useful if members of your family have specific access needs.

Access-Circles_GI Get Involved – There are elements of audience participation in the show.

Access-Circles_VS Visually Spectacular – If you don’t follow the storyline, the performance has a lot to offer visually, a feast for the eyes.