Body of Light

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 All ages

Performance time: 20 minutes
Stay-and-play: 30 minutes

A seamless landscape of flowing image, where graphics bend effortlessly round the arcs of a live dancer. A very human journey into the world of technology.

Take one finely tuned body, one home-gaming device and three creative minds, mix vigorously and see what happens. The result: a seamless landscape of flowing imagery, where the body’s movements translate into sweeping brushstrokes, and the boundaries of flesh and pixel blur into one.

Programme Guidelines

Access-Circles_VSVisually Spectacular – If you don’t follow the storyline, the performance has a lot to offer visually, a feast for the eyes.

Access-Circles_SFSpeech Free – The storyline doesn’t rely on script or speech, communication through movement, music or light.

Access-Circles_MMusic – Feel the beat! This is a music based performance.

Body of Light