Commission Adrift | Action Transport Theatre

Written by Beverly Hancock-Smith
Directed by Nina Hajiyianni

Two children are in a boat. One is rowing. One is fishing. Their talk is light-hearted: of catching a fish, a fish so big it will capsize the boat; of whales who will pull the boat; of mermaids who sing haunting melodies; and of land. A land with thick grass, rich green leaves, endless blue skies. A beautiful land. A safe land. Above all… a safe land.

Adrift was initially conceived as part of Action Transport Theatre’s Ten Tiny Plays. It is now being developed, through work with local schools and refugee groups, ahead of the two sharings as part of the Big Imaginations Festival.

Adrift was shared as a work in progress as part of the Big Imaginations Festival Delegates Events on 26 October 2017 (Unity Theatre, Liverpool) and 27 October 2017 (Z-arts, Manchester). 



Adrift R&D week from Action Transport Theatre on Vimeo.


About the Company

Action Transport Theatre collaborates with children and young people to create world class work, including STATIk which was presented at the Takeoff and Spark Festivals in England, and currently Happily Ever After, the first ever professional show for children aged 5+ with LGBT characters, based on the book ‘King and King’ by Linda De Hann and Stern Niljad. Other recent productions include critically acclaimed annual co-productions with the Unity Theatre ‘Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf’, ‘Princess and the Pea’, ‘Rumplsteiltskin’ and ‘Pied Piper’.

They create new work at Whitby Hall, their theatre base in Ellesmere Port, and are the only specialist new writing and dedicated young people’s theatre company in Cheshire. They also export plays, processes, skills and ideas to ensure that the voices and creativity of young people contribute to the richness and diversity of our theatre landscape.

Following the R&D of Adrift, Action Transport Theatre will create a full (1hour) piece in 2018 in partnership with St Bernards school, Ellesmere Port. Adrift will then tour to NW schools and venues in Autumn 2018 and will also tour nationally to venues from 2019.



Cast and Creative Team