Big Imaginations Festival 2017

#BigImaginationsFest, Cultural Ambassador Session @ Higher Fold Community Centre

Cultural Ambassadors Session @ Higher Folds Community Centre – Yemi Bolatiwa, Festival Outreach Coordinator

Big Imaginations’ Cultural Ambassadors programme has begun, and we’re off to a great start! On Tuesday 19th September one of our five cultural ambassadors Kirsty Gbasai hosted a vegetable orchestra instrument making workshop with parents and children at Higher Folds Community Centre, Leigh in conjunction with the The Turnpike. Arun Ghosh’s Big Imaginations Jazz Club was the inspiration for this unique arts and crafts session, along with Catapluf’s Musical Journey it is one of two music focused shows in the Big Imaginations Festival programme.

The workshop was well attended with 23 local residents taking took part, and judging by the smiling faces all round there was plenty of fun being had. Not only did they make watermelon drums, carrot flutes and pepper shakers to play music but the group used excess fruit & veg to make smoothies!

We can’t wait to get award winning clarinettist Arun Ghosh into the group to facilitate more family activities at Higher Folds. The next step is to build a relationship and ensure they feel encouraged about arts activities and attending the Big Imaginations Festival.

As a welcoming festival we want people to know that theatre is available for them and can be for everyone.




October 2nd, 2017

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