Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is one of Europe’s leading learning disability theatre companies that creates work for UK and international audiences.

Mind the Gap’s vision is to work in an arts sector where there is equal opportunity for performers with learning disabilities: a world where performers are trained, respected and employed equally, and feature every day on our stages and screens.

They work in partnership with learning-disabled artists to deliver a bold, cutting-edge and world-class artistic programme that impacts locally, nationally and internationally. Work that excites, surprises and challenges audiences.

Mind the Gap’s aim is to make great theatre that makes audiences think differently. By “theatre” they don’t just mean shows that you can see in arts and theatre venues, but also performances and events in different spaces and places.

Mind the Gap Studios, Silk Warehouse, Patent Street, Bradford, BD9 4SA

Call us: 01274 487390

Email us: arts@mind-the-gap.org.uk