Big Imaginations Festival 2017

5 days to go… we speak to Arun Ghosh #BIGIMAGINATIONSFEST

With 5 days until the Big Imaginations Festival launches across the North West, we caught up with Arun Ghosh, creator of Big Imaginations Jazz Club

With 5 days until #BigImaginationsfest blasts off, we checked in with Award Winning Bolton born musician Arun Ghosh, who’s composed the music for Child of the Divide and Tales of Birbal as well as bringing his own show, Big Imaginations Jazz Club to Big Imaginations Festival 2017!

What was the first musical instrument you learned to play, how old were you?

My first instrument was the recorder. Like a lot of young people, I started learning it at school when I was seven. I loved it, and also really enjoyed playing in a group. Soon, I started making up my own tunes, and playing pop songs I liked…I took my recorder everywhere, it was always with me!

Is there a trick to being a successful musician?

I think you have to really want to be a musician, you’ve got to feel that there is nothing else in the world that you’d like to do. That’s what gives you the energy to keep going, even when it’s difficult. You have to dedicate your life to music, to practise a lot and find your own musical voice. Like in life in general, it also helps to have positive and caring people around you, who support you and your music. For me, my band are like that; not only are they great musicians, they are really good friends, and cheer me up if I’m not happy with how things are going.

We’re really excited for Big Imaginations Jazz Club, can you sum the show up in three words?

I’m really excited too! My three words would be: lively , spontaneous , relaxing.

What’s your favourite song of all time?

My favourite song is ‘African Mailman’ by Nina Simone. Even though it doesn’t have any words, I still think of it as a song. I used to listen to it again and again from when I was about 10. I had a cassette with it on…even if I didn’t have the tape, I’d ‘listen’ to it in my head. Do you ever do that?

I loved how she played the piano and the beat of the drums when they come in. It’s such a great tune, brilliantly performed with so much life, joy and energy…and it gives me those feelings whenever I hear it.

See what you think of it yourself:

If you had to be a musical instrument, what would you be and why?

I’d have to be a clarinet! It’s sleek and cool, and it can play in so many styles from around the world. It’s my favourite instrument, I’ve played it for most of my life…and it has always felt like a part of me anyway.

Big Imaginations Jazz Club is playing at venues across the region this festival, click the links below to book your tickets;

20th Oct 2017
26th Oct 2017
29th Oct 2017
1 Nov 2017
2nd Nov 2017


October 12th, 2017

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